mySMS is a service provided to allow the public to know the address of the State Forestry Department and District Forest Office. To get the address of the service, users simply type in the code and sub-codes to service and send to 15888. Users will be charged RM0.15 and RM0.20 subsequently an additional charge will be charged upon receipt of the address.

Here is the code to obtain information from the Pahang Forestry Department:

KOD SMSDescription
FOREST[space]JPNPAHANG Alamat, Nombor Telefon dan Nombor Faks Pejabat Perhutanan Negeri Pahang
FOREST[space]PHDPAHANG Nombor Telefon semua Pejabat Hutan Daerah di Pahang

Procedure for use:

1. typing SMS (example):


2. send to 15888
3. SMS responses will be accepted after that

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